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Customer Service

We always persevere in the”customer-centered,high quality service to customer satisfaction”asour business philosophy.It has already penetrated into the company's marketing,production,quality,engineering,research and development and other departments,”Try our best to meet customers needs”has become the common aspiration and conscious action of all our employees.Whenever,as long as we receive the orders from customers,we will handling them fitrst.If customers are not satisfied with our response,wa can also arrange our employees to communicate directly with the customer until we get their satisfaction.Specifically,we provide pre-sales and after-sales service.

Pre-sale service

Communicate with customers,identify customer needs; Provide customers samples and technical in formation for their confirmation; Indicate customers how to use batteries properly and safely; Meet customer requirements,and to provide other related services,like packaging design,devolved testing,and technical exchanges,etc.

After-sale service

The understand thesituation of product use for customers,Timely to communication and solve the problems for customers; The understand  customer continuous needs of products,to provide them with technical reserves; Customer satisfaction survey; Complaint handling: response to customer  complaints within 24 hours, provide customers with”complaint report ”within one week.